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I think the way you "market" yourself is extremely important. Stand up for everything you know and believe. Don't allow the "haters" get under your skin. I think this has helped me a lot the past five years in the automotive industry. I know I'm a female in a male dominated industry, so that's why I do the things I know I can do. I believe that someday, my knowledge and skills can influence and even help other women in the automotive world.

I like to put myself out there, fairly aggressively to show that I can target both men and women, whether it be shooting for a car related website or magazine, talking about technology or showing women to not allow the simple things hold them back from something they are passionate about. I started automotive school and kept my girly side intact... as in, I kept my hair long, still rocked mascara and used my fake nails to my advantage (excellent tools for pulling pushrods, by the way).

Never let someone push you down with words. If you think you can do it, you'll never know until you try.

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  1. Flat out you are the balls! Keep your nose to the grind stone!