Build Off? & Cylinder Heads for Sale!

So after six or so years, we've finally convinced my Honda Gung-Ho friend to finally come to the LSx side! I suggested we have an NA build off and compare numbers at the end. She agreed... this could be fun :D

Who needs cylinder heads? Or various valve train parts? (Not off my current build, I haven't determined what's salvagable and what's not yet)

I have my original set of 806 casting heads in great shape for $150 (still great for porting or swaps into non-GM cars) or a set of 241 casting heads off of a 2004 GTO for $250 (valves included, awesome heads to port for a tame street machine).

Email me if you are interested! Or leave a comment :)

I think this upcoming weekend, I'm going to start putting together footage for the first build video... I've been brainstorming all day long!

Anyone going to the IMIS show in December in Indy? Catch me there at Proform's booth!


  1. Giving up on a Honda makes me sad, even though I would never build one, they just have a soft spot in my heart.

  2. Lol, I'm not a fan. I had a DD Honda and it sucked pretty bad. The only Honda I almost like is the LS3000 ... the S2K with an LS3 swap, I'd say its pretty respectful :)