LS Explosion!!!!!!!!!!!

^^ That was before I found all the wonderful things that I found! My friend Drew came over and helped me (AKA grabbed tools for me and got us Monster Rehabs, yum)  and my dog Mick kept getting under the car. So here's the picture timeline of everything that I found! 

First, I took the lid off and the first thing I find is coolant in the baffle. NICE! One of my friend's joked and said, "oh no Tep, that's Monster, extra HP!" ... not so much

This was the first glance into my intake ... obviously, it has a milky oil and coolant cocktail, with SOME metal chunks, right?

Upon closer investigation, it looks to be a little bit more than a few small metal shavings ...

Like a little kid on Christmas morning, I dumped out my intake and started digging thru the oil ... big chunks, little chunks, long chunks, short chunks. I had a party mix of what's happened inside my LS1

This is everything I could find in my oil from the intake. I had the bottom of my exhaust valve, a bent half of my valve stem, big chunks of piston (one still had the ring on it), metal shavings, oil rings, compression rings ... a little bit of everything. Everyone said I over exaggerated the "explosion" part ... I would say I hit the nail on the head

I took my valve cover off and come to find Cylinder 3 valve spring and rocker arm had failed, ASSUMING the rocker arm failed first as there were tiny little needle bearings everywhere and rocker arm parts shot over to the #3 & #2 sides (where you can also find the other half of my valve spring!). Somehow, the valve seal also got gnarled up and went everywhere too.

#3 Rocker Arm removed

OH, there's the other half of my spring! The side of my rocker arm is to the right next to the pushrod

Taking my rocker arms off to make my way down to the head bolts. I was overly excited to get this thing apart and totally forgot to pull my driver's side header off but it eventually came off with a little bit of a fight  :)

This is my valley ... there's even metal and valve seal material out there!

On the underside of my valve cover, you can see where #3 rocker arm had the valve stuck shut and was eating up my valve cover since it scarred the life out of it ... again, with metal shavings and valve seal shavings everywhere. 

This is where I stand so far, until I get a ride over to the garage to pull the head off!


  1. BRAVO...Great first installment of the project! I like the lead in to tell us what you're up to, then the images with details, then the conclusion...very nice.

    BTW: thanks for the shout out :)

  2. Thank ya! You really think it's good? It's a mess in there!!!!!!!!!! lol I think my LS1 isn't going to do much as an engine anymore :(

    And you're welcome!! You like that? :D

  3. Not bad for the first'll only get better as you get the hang of what works best on camera and what people are interested it. I'm sure you'll start to hear about it right here in the comments :). That LS1 looks pretty wrecked...interesting regardless. Once it's all apart I'll be curious to know where the meltdown the cylinder head or the engine block?