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As the weather starts to get cold, I'm kind of at a stand still for the time being with my WS6 ... I'm working hard to sell my '72 Camaro SS & I'm working as often and much as I can to make more $$ to finally buy myself a decent daily driver. I probably should have focused on getting wheels before now, but I didn't! So that is what I'm up to right now.

Seriously, my job ;) Love, love, love

I got into contact with Comp Cams about the spring failure and the very nice rep, Aaron Mick, was very helpful with my case and even though I was out of warranty, he did offer to help replace the single failed spring - which is awesome! I have to say, in the 3-4 years I've been ordering from Comp, whether it be for my car or ordering inventory for a shop, they've always had fantastic and friendly customer service, which always is a plus when you're bummed out that you blew up your car! They're always one on one with your situation and staffed with very intellgent men and women ready to help solve your issue. So thank you, Comp Cams, for being a breath of fresh air in a time where most customer service is automated or broken English, it really DOES make all the difference! Sadly, I don't think I'm going to try and salvage my 243's because the #3 chamber is just cracked wayyy too deep, scarred up and I'm pretty sure the spark plug is stuck!

My friends at Proform Parts have been keeping in close touch during the SEMA 2011 Show in Las Vegas. So far, there's been a lot of kind words about me and this blog (which is BADASS!) so I'm looking forward to any networking I can do and anyone I can reach out to and vice versa.

The SEMA screens give me a nice tan ;)

Hey Lou!!! :)

How I would LOVE to rock some of these! These make my inner girly girl squeal :)

Oh! Did I mention Proform Parts is #WINNING with the new classic Chevy Orange Dress Up Kit?? - "WINNER! Our newly unveiled Chevy Orange Engine Dress-up Kit takes home a blue ribbon from the Global Media! Part #141-780 is so new that it's not even our website yet...but it will be next week!"

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Oh yes, and an FYI: November is my month in the Calendar ... so flip your calendar to it ;)

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