Interesting Comment ...

Someone on my Facebook Page posed the question,
"How do I actually know you know how to work on cars?"

It's interesting to me that this was asked. To me, my knowledge is just what I know ... I don't question what I know nor do I think about it regularly, it just comes to me as I need it. If you'd like to know: ask me a question or break your car and allow me to fix it.

There's a reason I'm doing what I'm doing ... I'm breaking a stereotype. I'm a woman in a man's trade. I am not the "butch" woman most people picture when asked to visualize a real-life female automotive worker.  I have very long hair, I wear make-up (every day, mind you), I go tanning, I take care of my body and the apparently most crazy thing, I do my nails (which PS, Shellac is a fantastic product for preventing cracked polish)! In the Proform Parts Video Vault, there are a LOT of comments doubting my authenticity due to these things alone. I have countless scars on my hands from heat and sharp edges under the hood, I've broken fingers by dropping an engine I was moving, I've had questionable deep cuts from radiator fins ... I can assure you this is why this site exists - to show you the things I do day in and day out with my automotive career, no matter how good or bad, smart or dumb.

Automotive and racing are one of the few passions I've maintained since childhood, thanks to my dad ... spending evenings in the garage learning, spending summer mornings at swap meets, going to Indy to pick up parts, watching drag racing at Gateway International and even now - I still sit on the couch and talk cars for hours with my dad. He's allowed me to build him engines, paint part of his most prized car and work on his truck.

I want to break the stereotype and let other girls know that it's okay to do what you want to do, no matter how many people doubt you or try to stand in your way. I want to educate girls on that pretty car they have. I want to show girls that it's okay to get a little grease and grime under your manicure on occasion. There's nothing to be ashamed of just because you know something.

So yes, I do know what I talk about and yes, I can do it.


  1. Amen! Thanks for putting that one to bed, because most people just see pink nail polish and think you're a pretender.

  2. I have my pink polish packed up in my suitcase ... just in case ;) its about time I killed this comment!