Hell Month is NEARLY Over!

After three long weeks, FINALLY I'm done with contests! I'm so happy to be done with girly crap and back into the car swing of things. I finished in 2nd place in the Girl Next Door of the Year which means I won $$ to fix my laptop so I can make better and more professional videos for the LSwut Project! Yipee!

It's been a crazy week - Proform sent me an issue of "Speedway Illustrated" which I have a small feature in, displaying the cylinder head handles I use and that my dad created. Pretty cool stuff! Also, Monday - I finally added to my sleeve ... I put a memorial to my dear friend on my elbow in the shape of a Cadillac crest. So beautiful and worth nearly three hours of pain :)

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week so I'm hoping to get over to my garage and work some on the WS6. Maybe pull the other head, drop the pan, ect ... I'd like to pull the entire LS but 1) our lift is in use by my dad's '66 Chevelle 496 and 2) I want to pull it in the safest way possible on the ground, so I will need more sets of hands.

I work all day tomorrow so hopefully I can throw down a few hours on Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe take some pictures and shoot some video! Speaking of photos and video; Proform Parts should be making their way down to STL very soon for another few videos in the Power Shop :)

ALSO! I'm nearly to 1,000 on my Facebook Page ... once I hit it, I'll post up some sweet pics involving the LSwut Project ... but not until I get there. SHARE THE PAGE! :)

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