Can You Help LSwut Live?

What do you want to see me do to the LSwut Project?
You literally control the fate of the LSwut. 

If you want to see anything, you must do this;

1 - LIKE my Facebook Page
2 - FOLLOW me on Twitter; @mofkntep
3 - CHECK OUT my YouTube Channel
4 - GIVE ME feedback on HERE!

I must reach 10K interested if you want to see anything but I'll give you some incentive.
For every 1,000 we hit, I'll post up something neat.
Maybe a hot photoshoot pulling the engine?
Maybe a video shoot with the WS6?
Maybe something creative you can dream up?
Anything is possible.
Help me hit 10,000 people interested in my project!
Because there is something that NO ONE knows about that will come out once I hit 10,000! :D

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