My Day at the Rally Races!

Today I got the chance to work down at the 100 Acre Wood Rally Race down in Potosi, Mo. I have always seen drag racing and stock car racing but never experienced rally racing first hand. HOLY CRAP. It was incredible. Everyone who reads this blog or is part of my Facebook page KNOWS how much I love my job with Monster Energy ... mix that with meeting one of the world's top rally car drivers and you have a crazy ecstatic Stephanie. Ken Block staged in front of us and then he did his trial. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. WOW. I filmed it (which, I will post next week after I edit a lot of f-bombs out of it) and I was shaking from the adrenaline ... and all I was doing was watching. I can't even imagine driving something that incredibly powerful and fast around the turns he took. WOW. THEN! He parked next to us and I got to meet him! He gave me a hug after I told him I worked for Monster Energy and was kind enough to take a picture with me :) 

That's my story for the day. I was excited, lol!

Standing on the rally course as the drivers staged

Ken Block and myself! I was so excited!

Worxin' in front of #43

I love being part of the Monster Energy family!

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