V8's vs Everything Else

Last night, we were enjoying a beer outside the bar on a mild night when a 4 cylinder Ranger drove past with a giant Folger's can exhaust on it. One of my friends said "I don't see why companies keep producing v8's of any kind, they're practically useless now-a-days." 

Hmm... I don't agree with this at all. 

Without V8's, you wouldn't have some of your heavy duty trucks, sports cars that people enjoy for both status symbols and fun summer days, amongst other reasons. I don't think he is aware of the 8 cylinders that can function as 6 cylinders during cruising drive-cycles. Granted, lately turbo 4 cylinder or V6's are a very great thing for the environment and your wallet, I think the novelty, speed and power of a V8 will always be there. 

I just thought it was interesting and that I would share it. 

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