I was going to make a video addressing this but I decided against it to avoid coming off sounding pissed, lol. My Proform Parts videos are posted up on regularly and apparently everyone wants to complain about how I look, my authenticity, ect. GET OVER IT!

I'm very obviously a girl, who wears makeup & nail polish. I honestly wasn't aware how many men cared about how I looked or what color my nail polish is. I say "men" because they are my only video commenters. You'd THINK that they would be wayyyy too busy slaving over their cars in the garage, but NOPE! Too busy trolling Streetfire. lol I wear makeup because I'm PAID to look good. Not only that, I like to look my best all the time (minus when I go to bed & when I wake up, obviously). If you want to see a broad who doesn't look her best and doesn't try, maybe go meander thru your house and see if your wifey is home ... OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH just kidding. But really, I give a crap how I look and if you don't like it, TOUGH. I'm not changing it ;)

So you don't think I know what I'm talking about? Awesome. Cool story bro. I spent three years in school to set in stone my future - which I've done - regardless of what you jerks want to believe :) Two years in Automotive, one year in High Performance Racing Technology (that one year was four nights a week, five hours a night ... two years squashed into one). I graduated both, HPRT with honors (Cum Laude), being the only girl in my class and STILL,  two years later, the ONLY girl thru HPRT. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I'm a certified mechanic, certified race engine builder, certified chassis dyno operator, certified engine dyno operator, certified to use Sunnen machining equipment, certified to use a CNC, certified porter, certified computer tuner, certified carburator tuner ... basically - A CERTIFIED BADASS. So think what you'd like.

I'm making $$ doing what I love, so if that pisses you off, fantastic. New video material in that case.

This was my smart ass approach to what everyone claims to believe. Maybe now you'll understand.

Look at that, I'm strapping down an F150 to the chassis dyno to run a sim on it to see if I can't find out why it's losing timing and running like ass. 
Cramming information in my head right before finals a week before Graduation 
OMG DOES SHE HAVE A DEGREE IN KITCHEN?! No, High Performance Racing Technology. And looking fantastic. 
Boyfriend earned his degree in welding the same year. We both graduated Cum Laude of our class! 
Point proven, jerks.


  1. I seriously had to read the beginning of this multiple (by multiple I mean 5 or 6) times to make sure I wasn't losing my vision at an early age. There are men... Actual, living, breathing men that COMPLAIN about how you look?!?! I'm... Almost speechless. WTF! You have a kickass career, that youre clearly very passionate about, and smoking hot to boot! How the hell can any guy complain about that?! It's not everyday that you come across a chick that can do what you can with a car and look the way you do! Plus you've only got certification coming out of your ass... No biggie :P
    Id personally like to pimp slap any man who says any stupid crap like that to/about you. And i dont even know you personally; just a big fan/admirer Hehe. <3
    - Nicole Sheppard

  2. You're a peach Nicole :) :) :) <3

  3. Stephanie, really, don't worry about the "haters". Truthfully, the vast majority of them know nothing about having a love for automotives. They really are just message board trolls. The true automotive lovers for the most part are spending their time working on their cars. They spend very little time on the internet. The internet has taken cowards and given them a voice. They can now hide behind anonymous IDs and say things to people they would never say to their face for fear of reprisals. You can provide all the documentation and proof you want but they will still talk their crap because that's all they are capable of doing. They aren't worth your time, your effort or your aggravation. And, truthfully, if you let them know they have gotten to you, they will double their efforts yo get an even bigger rise out of you. They are sad little losers whom tear others down simply because they are incapable of making something of themselves. You are better than them and that chaps their little asses.

  4. That's what I'm talking about...throw it right back at those losers! You got it and they don't.