LSX454 vs LS7

^^ Those are either of the paths I'd like to take with my rebuild.

Regardless, I'd like to remain mildly modified AFTER I complete the swap - such as full bolt-ons and a cam - at least until I make lots and lots of $$ and can afford the risk of catastrophic disaster again. And while I have the engine out, I'm planning on re-painting my engine bay, hiding my wires and realigning all my front panels.

LSX454 -Everything about this engine screams "WIN" over the LS1. Forged internals, 620HP/590TQ STOCK, super strong cast iron (heavier, BUT stronger!), the heads flow air like the wind blows, could be an awesome mild race engine that is still streetable - best of it all; it could easily kick my dad's Chevelle's ass (which would be okay by him, considering I built his 496 in it), it's downright sexy and all while running on 93 octane pump fuel. This could potentially be my first old school build (complete with GM orange) with new school technology.

LS7 - Also an incredible engine. Lighter aluminum block, forged internals, 570HP/575TQ, the heads don't flow nearly as well as the LSX but those are easily swapped, also could be a very unique build around these parts of town, still could potentially spank the Chevelle and also runs pump fuel.

Either way I go (although I'm leaning more towards the LSX) - I don't personally know of any local swaps of this degree, especially no females. At any rate, this will be a pretty badass project and will be able to take it far into the inside of the engine, all the way to the upgrades needed to support either engine.

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