I'm looking for sponsors! Not in the $$ sense, I want these "sponsors" to help share my blog with as many people in the automotive industry as possible. With this said sponsorship, you 'share' on Facebook, 'RT' on Twitter and pretty much just spread the word about what I'm doing with this blog. I do have one official sponsor, who is assisting with sharing and parts later on down the line - they are Proform Parts 

If anyone cares to be an official sponsor and can share with their Facebook/Twitter and donate parts, that'd be fantastic but really, I'd love to just get the blog out there. I won't be starting really any work on the WS6 until the lift is installed. With that being said, I will be working on building up the following, finding my "sponsors" and continuously updating this blog with information pertaining to the LS platform - maybe cool finds, useful webpages, ect. Once the car & build is completed - I plan on taking her to numerous shows, race events - my ultimate dream, SEMA in Vegas, hopefully in 2012.

If you are interested in being an official sponsor - email me! 
I will not only share your website/Facebook/Twitter, I will also put up a legit link (picture and everything) on my page and once the WS6 is done, will add you stickers/decals to my car & engine bay, as well as add you to my show board. Any other sponsorship requests will more than likely be made and met!

My "mini-sponsors" just need to tag me in the postings in which they share the blog (Facebook/Twitter) and I will create a section on here where I can link you anyway you like!

Until then - "follow" my blog, comment away and share. I want this blog to be part of the GM & LSX world. Let's get this thing growing :)

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