The final shoot as an LS1, the day she blew up!

March 18, 1998 - August 18, 2011

You were in solid form  & hole-less until I just had to go and modify you. We've had many good times and just as many bad times as well. You never failed to turn heads but there were many times when you'd fail to turn over and leave me in a sticky situation. You were a site to see, even up until the day of the disaster, as seen in this photo (taken two hours before failure), regardless of your previous salvage title or your book-sized CarFax report. You kept your deep, rumbling exhaust loud and clear, up until you seized with the infamous "GM Clap," as my friends call it. You will go into surgery and come out a brand new, even more impressive car with an even stronger, more powerful heart ... you will just need to wait! #love/hate

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