Tis the Season to Share!

I don't have much to update about the LSwut Project because my dad has had his Chevelle on the lift and I've STILL been trying to get my F150 legal (yay for recalls, electrical problems from previous theft attempts and misfiresmisfiresmisfires!). However! I will be filming new Proform Parts videos and maybe some new photos?! I'm looking forward to it, I love my Proform family!

I'm going to share not only my pages (because I'd love for everyone to be apart of everything I'm working on) but important pages that I have been facilitating...

Did I mention that once I hit 1,000+ LIKES on my Facebook page, I will post up shoot photos from a shoot no one has seen yet!?Maybe make light of the LSwut Project? Maybe shooting while dropping the pan?! ;)


I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! I know I did!

Merry Christmas! At Ultimate Christmas, we raised $5,000+ to help make a child's dream come true thru the Make A Wish Foundation ... It's ALWAYS important to give back! :)

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