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The LSwut Project :)

So the day that the LSwut Project was born, was the day I shot with her for the's Girl Next Door contest. In October, I won the 3rd Quarter Girl Next Door contest due to the amount of votes and the crowd I had in person at a local sports bar (and probably, the dress I had on, lol!)

Starting on January 23rd, I will need everyone to support me and vote for me on! You will be able to vote once daily from the 23rd to the 27th - which will continuously add points to my final score.

Everyone needs to register to use the site before they vote! Do it here:

On January 22nd, you can come cheer me on in person at the first event (location still pending) ... you can see all candidates for Girl Next Door of the Year in our "clubwear" and lingerie/swimsuits! I will need to bring the loudest crowd! It will be a daytime event, football games on TV, drinks, food and lots of pretty ladies! :)

On January 27th, it will be similar as the 22nd, but just "clubwear" and crowd noise at Pepper Lounge (2005 Locust St, STL MO 63103) around 9pm. Drinks will be flowing and it'll be a good time! The Girl Next Door of the Year will be announced at this event!

You can see my Girl Next Door photos here: 

This is important to me because first of all, it all started the day the LSwut Project was born and secondly, I would be the first tattooed GNDOTY since the start of the event, back in 2006.

So help me out and make everyone believe that even a tattooed, wrench spinning girl can live next door ;)

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