Monday Afternoon

On Saturday night, I got to experience something extremely exciting. I got to ride in a 2001 Cyber Gray LS3 Trans Am. First of all, this ride was my first seat in an LS F-Body since I blew up the LSwut back in August. All I could do was absorb the sounds, the weird seats and the premium fuel scent in the cabin. I couldn't stop watching the shifter. I miss my 6-speed SO much it's hard to describe (I'm saying this because I'm driving an old, beat up F150 with a crappy gear selector and a nice, overdrawn, hard 1-2 shift). Secondly, two words: Cyber Gray. If there's any color in the LS world that can make a fan girl or boy weak in the knees, it's that color. I wish I could make the graphic noise it makes me do in text. Third and most importantly: this is an LS3 car, NOT an LS1. Everything just felt more solid, as far as power goes. It is just an LS3 crate, dropped in. He said that everything was plug and play and took about 5 hours to remove the old LS1 and to have the LS3 up and running.

I had so many questions and not enough time to ask them. Did it need a PCM swap? Absolutely not. Did it need a ridiculous wiring harness? Well, duh. All LS F-Bodies do. What kind of power were you looking for? What did you do in the tune? What kind of injectors are you running? What kind of heads/cam/intake combo is on it? OMG you're missing back window tint like I am too! My mind was going 281703987237 miles a minute (yes, it really was going that fast) and it was a five minute ride from one South City bar to another. Because I couldn't even spit anything out and I didn't have that much time to absorb the sounds, smells, feelings, sights and everything else - I asked about the PCM and power. 481. Yes.

All I have to say about that experience is I smiled the rest of the night and my boyfriend was getting sick of hearing me talk about it. Totally worth it.

Today was my weekly "catch up on all sorts of car and racing news" day and it just happened to be a big one, with the Detroit Auto Show going on. I was cruising around and came across a possible "Chevelle" concept. Wow. I'm in L-O-V-E! It's a very simple, sleek, clean car. If you know me well, you know I'm a born and bred Chevelle girl. My dad has always had a soft spot for Chevelles and built MANY of them - they're what I learned nearly everything I know on. they've always been special to me, almost sacred, because of how much my dad loves them. I think this concept is a realistic, modern day resurrection of the Chevelle and I REALLY like it!

I made my way over to and found that Lingenfelter is FINALLY throwing their Inaugural Lingenfelter Nationals. If you know anything about LPE, you KNOW that racing is deep in their blood. It's to be happening September 21-23 in Norwalk, Ohio at the Summit Motorsports Park. Anyone wanting to go for the weekend?!

Now - something a little more serious. I have a half sleeve on my left arm which is mainly all LS valve train components, something that means a LOT to me. This Friday is the 1st anniversary of one of my best friend's death. My Dani was killed in a drunk driving accident on January 13th, 2011 (also the day before my 24th birthday) in New Mexico. She was alone, gravely injured and did not die right away. I've had dreams, nightmares and de ja vu experiences about her. We were very, very, VERY close even tho she was in my younger sister's class. I'm getting a tattoo, in her memory on her anniversary - the Cadillac emblem. Her father always had Cadillacs, she always had Cadillacs and her cat was named Cadillac (get it? She LOVED them!). She also was a big fan of tattoos herself, also being covered in them. And I think it will fit in my mainly GM sleeve ;)
I've been getting a hard time about the tattoo, due to my love for GM and the fact that many punk/rap guys get the emblem on them. I just wanted to clear up WHY I'm getting this. She was a beautiful, old soul and I miss her every single day and she deserves for people to know about her.

Lately, I've been doing more shoots. Go check out my Facebook Page to see what I've been up to and to see some pretty sweet pictures ;)


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  4. Experience the power of Death's energy, it will run deep into your soul.