Finally, an Update!

I apologize, I haven't updated in a bit - I've been working crazy amounts to compensate for my trip to Canada! Like 60 hours at one job, plus two other jobs. Holyyyyy crap. Lots of work! 

Anyways! This Tuesday & Wednesday, we will be filming Season 2 of Stephanie's Power Shop with Proform Parts. My good friend Booth is flying down from Detroit to the Lou... we will be sharing quite a few of our new parts, along with some good ol' guys that have been around awhile. 
Parts Run-Down of Season 2
It'll be tons of fun, as always and I'm REALLY looking forward to it! Plus Tuesday night, we will get to enjoy a friendly rivalry during Playoff Hockey ... where the Red Wings will lose (again!) ;)

If you want to follow our day - follow me on Instagram where I'll be posting up pics all day long from behind the scenes! @mofkntep

Speaking of Proform - we are already planning our 2012 trip to IMIS in Indy! Is anyone else going? 


This is going to be a pretty short post; tomorrow I'm planning on getting up early to get myself a tan & manicure (I know how much you guys love my big ol' fake nails in my Proform videos, LMAO), taking some promo pics for my friends at DrinkHard Racing & King of Trucks then making a new video for you guys! Have a great night! 

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