Power Shop Season 2!

The past two days, we have been filming Season 2 of Stephanie's Power Shop! My good friend, Booth, from Proform Parts out of Detroit, MI flew down and we made a good 15 videos! We have tons of new parts videos, an LSwut video and a pretty badass new intro! Can't wait to share them with you guys! We also brainstormed a pretty awesome LSwut video for when she's ready to get going! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from this week! :)

Holding the 1,000lb Benchtop Digital Spring Compressor like the trophy it is!

Using the Digital Tire Pressure Gauge on LSwut!
Benchpressing my 243's with the brand spankin' new Cylinder Head Handles, invented by my dad! NOTE; this is not the suggested use of these! LOL
A little shameless self promotion, holler holler holler!
This little guy kept stealing my tools and parts!

Rebuilding a distributor with a powerful HEI kit.
LSwut grew some new boo boo's from being in the elements out in the garage all winter
Love these Cylinder Head Handles, every toolbox needs a pair!
Oh, just checking out valve spring pressure!
Definitely couldn't bench press these 60lb, old-school cylinder heads! HEAVY! Helpful Cylinder Head handles again! 
Reppin' GM Performance Parts all day, everyday! :)
My workspace! 
Showing off the Valve Spring Pressure Tester
I can make a Camshaft Installer balance, ta-da! 
Showing off the Stud Mount Valve Spring Compressor's various angles!
Checking out my Proform catalog while lounging on my GMPP Alternator! :)

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