Tinting Tailights

I haven't updated in awhile so I decided to make this since I get so many people ask me how I tint tailights! So enjoy :) 

What you need: Windex (to clean the tailights), NiteShade (you can get it at O'Rielly's, it cost about $10/can), painter's tape (I had none so I used white electrical tape), a razor blade and "gentle" sand paper (I used 1500 grit Wetordry Sand Paper)

Unscrew your tailight assembly ... two bolts, one on top and the other on bottom. On my Silverado, it was a Phillips head.

Disconnect the wiring harness.

Clean off your tailights. I also washed my truck before I did this.

I like to keep my reverse lights white so I taped them off. Some people do, some people don't, all up to you

Both lights taped off.

Gently, scuff up the lights in a circular motion with the 1500 grit sandpaper. Don't miss any spots.

Both sanded.

Clean all the sanded fluff off. 

Ready to spray. After sanding and being cleaned, they should look hazy.

First three coats of NiteShades ... spray in the left to right motion, don't stop anywhere or you'll pool and drip. Then it'll suck.

I did 8 coats. Sounds like a lot BUT with it not being opaque, it's really not that dark.

Peel your tape off the reverse part of the lights

Reinstall your lights and ...

BOOM. Sexy tailights on a non-sexy truck :)

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