Who Doesn't Love New Stuff?!

I hope everyone enjoyed my tailight tinting tutorial :) I love my new dark tailights! 

I have some new stuff to share with all of you guys! 

1 - I'm competing in the Big St Charles Calendar Girl Search again. It's been two years since I've done something of this magnitude and the last time, I won January. I'm hoping to win a month this time around. 

I've got some pretty stiff competition so if you guys like motorcycles, hot girls in bikinis, beer, free Monster Energy, free Hotshots wings and 105.7 thePoint, you'll come support me! :) 

2 - I'm this month's featured Grid Girl over at ... they wrote a killer article about me, mostly about my mechanical inclination and did a small part about LSwut, awesome! Thanks guys!

3 - I have a new Proform Parts video posted up! Check it out! Awesome, affordable, easy to use tool :) Check back here, my YouTube Channel or my Facebook Page every Wednesday to see new videos! (Minus today, I got my video late after working until 3am) 

1 comment:

  1. I seriously think that tool rocks. DAMN does that make it easy.