SEMA 2013 in Pictures!

So the photo uploader decided to upload all the pictures in whatever willy nilly order it wanted, so ALL the pictures are out of order! Haha

My dad got the opportunity to come out to SEMA for the 1st time this year! He was OVERWHELMED! lol

My new friend Shelli from Long Island and myself met Chip Foose after he knocked his bar stool over on me.
SUPER nice guy!

Brand new COPO with COPO Hauler concept - off to Barrett Jackson she goes!

Not a fan of red ... but I'd take the C7 Pacific concept ;)


At Proform - we don't mess around when we want to be show stoppers! 13,000+ Swarovski crystals on a SBC!

Old Vegas ... I saw Michael Jackson & a girl puking before 11pm - CLASSY!

My buddy Frank from Revolution Raceworks in Vegas took me around my last night in town.
This is Vegas from Red Rock

All three of the Proform Parts Bling Engines
The pink one is being given away for a good cause!
Sign up for FREE here! 

My view for the week at SEMA - we were across from the Chevrolet exhibit. It ruled.
At the SEMA Banquet - behind me is a table of Hall of Famers
Including Miss Linda Vaughn :)

Chevrolet Silverado Fire & Rescue Concept

Jessi Combs of All Girls Garage ... She's built like a tiny brick shithouse!

My new Z28 ;)

Additional COPO engine in the back of the COPO Hauler Concept

HRE C7 ... Unfortunately, it had blue wheels. ICK.

My LS display at Proform with the Thompson Automotive blown 442 LSX


I love flying into Vegas. Their airport is awesome


C7 Pacific Concept

New C7 Transformer

I was chosen as a "Top 5 SEMA Booth Babe"
(& probably the only one with any knowledge of my products, lol)

My boss took us all to "Absinthe" at Caesar's Palace. It was INCREDIBLE!

Dat ass, doe

George Barris' Original Batmobile.
I got to drive a replica of this car earlier this year.
But still awesome! 

Vegas from the Henderson Mesa

COPO leaving SEMA. She's a bad broad.

A little Chevrolet engine porn.

My best friend also came to SEMA! Her boyfriend works for V8TV & painted their 1969 LSA Camaro

Shawn AKA Farmtruck from Street Outlaws.
He's SUPER nice, SUPER humble & he runs our carburetor!

V8TV 1969 LSA Camaro - GORGEOUS

Frank & I sneaking up on a pair of HRE Lamborghinis to race them on the Strip.
They bailed. Weiners.


Like I said, at Proform, we don't mess around for attention ;) 

George Barris is adorable.
All he cares about is having fun

Do you know what the underside of your car looks like?

Dave is the best part of the SEMA Banquet

The always gorgeous Jessica Barton

A little IndyRPM love for my #WCW shirt :) 

Dat ass, doe

I got my own signage this year! Woop woop!

Friday was slow, so I caught some guys watching my videos

The industry bar for the week in my hotel.
How appropriate :)

Vintage Bugatti at the Meguier's Booth

Don't let my 5'9, athletic build fool you

Max Grundy gave SEMA a much needed facelift this year.
His artwork was everywhere and it looked phenomenal!

Vegas advertisement is strange.

SEMA Banquet dessert.
Like I said - HOSS. I ate all of it.

MMMMMM Can't wait to have one of my own!

My new friends at Dix Performance from Edmonton, Alberta Canada!
They were super cool and we talked hockey forever!

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